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Septic Systems

Septic Systems are a very common method of waste disposal in rural areas. The two main components to a septic system are the septic tank and the drainfield. The tank is where the solids are separated from the waste water and the water then travels to the drainfield where it is absorbed into the ground.
Some signs that your Septic System may not be working properly;

Slow or clogged drains
when drains are slow or backing up it could indicated that you have a blockage, possible due to sewage build up, could have something stuck in the line, a collapsed sewer line. What ever the cause it means that your septic tank needs attention.
Pooling water
Standing ground water in the area around your septic tank is a sign of septic tank failure and needs to be addressed immediately.
Septic Tank Risers
Septic tanks are commonly buried deep below the surface and not easily accessible. Installing a septic tank riser allows for easy access to your septic tank for inspection and service.
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